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Wheel Alignments in Beallsville, Ohio

Maintaining your vehicle’s alignment will not only prolong the life of your tires but will also help you save $1000’s of dollars in added fuel consumption, along with wear and tear on vital components of your car steering system. With Quality Auto Repair’s 2 and 4 wheel laser alignment service, we will analyze your vehicle’s Caster, Camber, Toe In & Out, and Thrust Angle specifications to ensure the correct measurements are in perfect alignment with the manufacturer’s specifications.

When we do an alignment service, a top-rated technician will thoroughly inspect and adjust your vehicle’s steering and suspension components, which will include:

  • Toe (In & Out)
  • Camber and Caster adjustments (if available adjustments are available for your make and model)
  • Tire Conditions
  • Tire Wear Marks
  • Tire Air Pressure
  • Suspension Systems (shocks, coil springs, coil-over shocks, sway bars and bushings, stabilizer bars and bushings, torsion bars, etc…)
2 Wheel Alignments

2 wheel alignments align only the front wheels. 

4 Wheel Alignments

4 wheel alignment aligns all 4 wheels. which aligns the front wheel with the rear wheel to ensure your vehicle is going straight down the road, also to prevent and abnormal tire wear.

Why do I need a 4 wheel alignment?

The sole purpose of any alignment whether it be a 2 wheel alignment or a 4 wheel alignment is to ensure you are keeping as much of your tire on the road as possible which will prevent your vehicle from pulling either right or left.

What is the best way to determine if I need a 4 wheel alignment or just my tires balanced?

Alignment and Suspension Issues:

  • The vehicle pulls hard left or right.
  • Tires are wearing on the inside or outside of the tread.
  • The tires are cupping or cupped.
  • You hit a bump and your vehicle won’t stop bouncing.
  • You hear a noise while hitting a bump.

Tire Balance Issues:

  • When you feel a vibration in your seat or in your feet.
  • The vehicle’s steering wheel vibrates or shakes.
  • You feel shaking from the rear of the vehicle.
  • You just bought new tires.
  • Typically you should rotate them every oil change to prolong the life of the tire.
  • If you drive on rough roads daily or a lot.

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