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Beallsville Brake Repair

When it comes to Brake repair in Beallsville there are more than one thing that can go bad, it all depends on what wore out or failed to work correctly. The correct way to approach a disc brake problem is to evaluate the whole brake systems to not only find the problem, but to find any future problems and prevent them before they become a problem.

Brake Rotor and Caliper

Firsts thing first, determine if your brakes are making a noise, if you hear a noise like a screeching or squealing or even sounds like a metal to metal noise, you should immediately have your brakes looked at by a professional. This could be a serious problem stopping and needs attention immediately.

Typical Brake Service

A typical brake service is as simple as a worn out brake pad or brake shoe, because the pad is what causes the friction to actually get the vehicle to stop. Over time this wears the pad down and just simply need to replace the pad, if you ever hear a squealing noise while applying the brake, which can be a low brake pad indicator, built into the pad to alert the driver that the pad is getting low. Failure to change the pad could result in having to replace the rotor or drum with the new pads or shoes.

A typical brake pad replacement will be in the range of $80-$100 dollars, now if the rotor is bad or the drum is worn, then you might be in the couple hundred dollar range. When doing any kind of brake service always remember to bleed any air out of the system to prevent a low brake pedal or a fading brake pedal. For any further assistance with a brake problem call Quality Auto Repair for assistance, 740-213-6334, ask for Rex, he will gladly help you resolve any issue you are having with your brakes.

Picture of Vehicle On Lift

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