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We offer a diesel repair on most all diesel engines on most any make or model diesel vehicle your Diesel Engine might be in, we are fully insured to work on EMS Squad Units, Fire Truck Units, Heavy Machinery, Semi’s (bobtail only), Farm Equipment, or any other thing that might need a Diesel Engine repair, just call us directly at 740-213-6334, and we will gladly do what we can do to get your diesel repaired and working again, any questions just call us and ask for Rex Holland.

Rex, has over 15 years repairing Diesel Engines and is considered an expert by many in the area, if you would like to have him help you get your Diesel Motor running again or whatever it needs, he is available at anytime during business hours to either help you get going with something as simple as a clogged fuel filter or even more serious like replacing a turbo. Feel free to call him and see how he can help you get back to normal again. 740-213-6334, Rex Holland.

Diesel Repair all Makes and Models

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Basic Diesel Engine Maintenance

Regular inspection of fuel filters and glow plugs is a very important factor in keeping your diesel engine running. The glow plugs are used to heat the fuel and the cylinder on cold days to help the fuel burn faster. The fuel filter needs to be changed on a regular basis to keep any water from entering into the diesel engine.

Diesel Motors work extremely hard under severe conditions, therefore regular maintenance on all the gaskets is recommended. Also check bolts to make sure they haven’t worked loose to prevent any oil leaks.

The Oil should be monitored on a regular basis also; the oil filter changed often due to the sulfur residue unburned fuel can create. A good oil filter will help reduce these deposits getting into your diesel engine. Always shut your engine off before any diesel repairs to prevent a hot engine.

Air Filters for Cummings diesel engine or Powerstroke diesel engine are essential part of keeping the diesel repairs to a minimum. Using all these diesel engine maintenance tips is crucial to keeping your diesel maintenance costs low.

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Picture of Diesel Trucks

Picture of Diesel Trucks

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