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Oil changes are the most important thing you can do to prolong the life of your automobiles engine. The recommended routine maintenance scheduled oil change would be every 3,000 or 3 months, which ever comes first. Changing the oil doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do, but doing it yourself is just a hassle and not only the hassle, when doing it yourself you don’t get the full benefit of checking your vehicle over. Hiring a professional mechanic, like the ones at Quality Auto Repair, is a smart choice. Here’s why it’s a great choice to have a professional mechanic change the oil versus doing it your self. A mechanic has the ability of looking over your vehicle while doing a quick oil change, versus you doing it yourself, because most of the time the garage you take it too has a vehicle lift and while the vehicle is on the lift in the are the mechanic can inspect under the car/truck to see if anything looks worn.

Oil Change Pouring Oil in Engine

Pouring Oil in Engine

Synthetic Oil Change

While getting your oil changed consider getting a synthetic oil change instead of a conventional oil change. Synthetic Oil is processed a different way than conventional oil. While the synthetic oil is getting refined they also distill it then it gets purified down and what’s left is the basic molecules, this process is what removes the impurities from the oil, this process also then enables the individual molecules in the crude, which is far more of a protection for your engines important components, the customized molecules perform better under the everyday heat your vehicles engine produces, the molecules hold their bond longer there for last a lot longer in your engine.

Synthetic oil also bonds to the deposits in the engine, so as the oil circulates through your engine, the synthetic oil picks up these deposits and takes them back to the oil filter where the filter holds them, thus cleaning your engine and helping the engine run smoother and more efficient.

Synthetic oil also acts like a bonding agent, by sticking to the moving components in your engine, so oil changes don’t have to happen as often as with conventional oils. Getting synthetic oil changes is a benefit to you and your engine.

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