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Diesel Repair Services
We repair most makes and models of diesel engines.

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Check Engine Light Diagnostic

Check Engine Light On? Quality Auto Repair’s complete Engine Diagnostic Computer Service can help identify what is going on in your vehicle’s computer. Stop by today!

Tire Alignment Tools

Tire Alignment

Tires wearing out too fast? Our complete 4-Wheel-Alignment will extend the life of your tires and is also vital to the operation of your vehicle. Schedule an Appointment Today!


Got a Squeal when you apply the Brakes? When brake pads wear down they have what is called a wear indicator, and that little annoying squealing sound is just a pre-warning that it is time to get your brake pads checked out. Click Here to Call Now!

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Computer Diagnostic

We use state-of-the-art technology to scan your vehicle’s on-board computer to determine all issues relating to your check engine light.

Oil Changes

Our oil change service includes removing and disposing of all motor oil along with changing the oil filter and doing a quick examination of vital components that are easily assessable.

Tire Alignment

We use the same 4-wheel alignment system that they use in Nascar, it is very accurate and designed for average everyday driving. 


Our philosophy on brakes is that they are the backbone of the vehicle because that’s what stops you and slows you down, so they must be in perfect working condition.



Here at Quality Auto Repair, our history stems way back farther than the beginning of Quality Auto Repair in Woodsfield Ohio in 2011, which is now located at 43405 Gallager Rd. Beallsville, Ohio 43716.

We use state of the art technology including computer analysis machines and laser alignment machines along with Snap-On Wheel Balancers and Tire removal Machines to help your vehicle continue to run and drive like brand new.


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